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Date: Mon 02/5/18 8:39AM
From: Sophie
Email: sophie.a.w.sherwood@gmail.com

Message: Hey Joff! Do Bucky want to play a gig at the Louisiana on the 30th July?


Date: Thu 11/10/16 12:01AM
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Date: Wed 03/16/16 5:13AM
From: Loek Vellekoop
Email: schaapkameel@live.nl

Message: Hey Joff! It is Loek from holland, you have visited my house once with Lisa and paolo!

The cd you gave me from bucky has misteriously vanished from its case and i tried many times to go throug all my stuf (wich isnt that much) to find it. It is gone... Can I buy a new one from you? I do not have the paypall option but can transfer the dough to your bank if thats ok. Let me know!

p.s. do you still have the instrument? :)

Date: Thu 10/6/11 5:53AM
From: Alex
Email: Thebadjoke@live.com

Message: Hey guys,

were playing a gig at the fleece on 9th of November. (the bad joke that ended well) I said id try contact you for the promoter to see if you'd like to play? Also if you know any other bands that would fit the bill would love to make it a lively night...


Alex (07811849588)

http://www.reverbnation.com/thebadjoketh atendedwell

Date: Tue 08/2/11 3:02AM
From: Nicholas Ray
Email: nick_d_ray@hotmail.com

Message: Hey Joff

Nicholas here giving you a digital wave.Wait , I suppose most waves are digital. Anyhoo , hope all is well.
Nicholas Ray

Date: Mon 03/28/11 1:44PM
From: Jay
Email: clive.perryman1@btopenworld.com

Message: Hello Bucky,
My name is Jay, and I live in Hereford - I am 6 years old.
I like your music. I first saw your songs on the computer, my favourite one is "Dog Calender" next favourite is the "Library song".
We've got one of your CD's from when Clive & mummy went to see you at Cafe Kino.
I think that yor band is great.
I would like to see your band with Clive & Mummy when you play again. :D
Love from Jay Matthews ;D

Date: Mon 01/31/11 6:58AM
From: stephen
Email: stephennow@hotmail.com

Message: Hello

we are biggerhouse film and BUCKY worked this us to make the songs and music for our multi award winning production of Teeth - The Musical.

http://www.vimeo.com/channels/biggerhous efilm#13373978

we think you should know that and that you should see a clip of it!

stephen + tom

Date: Sun 01/30/11 8:40AM
From: alex
Email: thebadjoke@live.com

Message: alright guys,

im from the band the bad joke that ended well


got a gig on saturday the 12th of January in the backroom of the croft and im looking for some bands to support us. Just wondering if youd be interested? If so email me back or give me a ring on 07811 849 588


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