Date: Mon 03/28/11 1:44PM
From: Jay
Email: clive.perryman1@btopenworld.com

Message: Hello Bucky,
My name is Jay, and I live in Hereford - I am 6 years old.
I like your music. I first saw your songs on the computer, my favourite one is "Dog Calender" next favourite is the "Library song".
We've got one of your CD's from when Clive & mummy went to see you at Cafe Kino.
I think that yor band is great.
I would like to see your band with Clive & Mummy when you play again. :D
Love from Jay Matthews ;D

Date: Mon 01/31/11 6:58AM
From: stephen
Email: stephennow@hotmail.com

Message: Hello

we are biggerhouse film and BUCKY worked this us to make the songs and music for our multi award winning production of Teeth - The Musical.

http://www.vimeo.com/channels/biggerhous efilm#13373978

we think you should know that and that you should see a clip of it!

stephen + tom

Date: Sun 01/30/11 8:40AM
From: alex
Email: thebadjoke@live.com

Message: alright guys,

im from the band the bad joke that ended well


got a gig on saturday the 12th of January in the backroom of the croft and im looking for some bands to support us. Just wondering if youd be interested? If so email me back or give me a ring on 07811 849 588


Date: Wed 01/19/11 4:20AM
From: Emily
Email: Emily.r.johnson@live.co.uk

Message: Hello!

I host a new music show on Tone Radio in Cheltenham and i would love to play some of your music, please can you send me a couple of MP3's or a CD?

Thanks :)


Date: Mon 09/6/10 1:12AM
From: Stephanie
Email: dorkymagenta@gmail.com

Message: he's a dog
lives with his owner
what a shame!
his owner is a stoner!

Hi Joff!

I met you by a fake lake in Echo Park a few weeks ago. and then I saw you again that day after we both left that REALLY COOOOOL movie that happened to be playing at the film center, about some of the weirdest people in Austin, Texas(no, the world!).

and you gave me a CD (which i enjoyed, i hear the TMBG influence!)

and you drew someone's little dog.(cute!)

and you said i should write music again.(I've already started!)

Well what I mean to say is,


and thanks for inspiring me :) write back!

Stephanie WHite

PS I have a sorry garden that I should send you a picture of. there is some dead garlic and alot of sonoran desert sage plants that took over

Date: Sat 05/29/10 4:48PM
From: Chris Martin
Email: cmartin@eclipse.co.uk

Message: Hi guys
Haven't seen you play in years since I stopped doing sound at the Cavern in Exeter - glad to see you're still going :cool: Take care & I'll keep my eyes open in case you play down in Devon
take care, Chris

Date: Sat 04/17/10 6:57PM
From: Gary Smith
Email: garysmith.groovyspace@blueyonder.co.uk

Message: Hi guys, Great to see you tonight at the Veltones album launch. Another top set! Love the Beatles re-working in a Veltones stylie that you did.

Drop by my blog if you have nothing better to do with your time. And if you have even more time to waste check out my Flickr site too. Links below.

http://www.flickr.com/photos/cactuscount y

Bucky Rule!

Gary Smith

Date: Sun 12/6/09 1:53PM
From: Percy
Email: clive.perryman1@btopenworld.com

Message: Friday set at the Fiddlers Brizzol was absolutely blinkin magical mates.

really enjoyed the stuff and will keep a beady out for ya and try and get to see some more.

Keep your tongues firmly poked out - regards

Date: Thu 09/24/09 6:00AM
From: Annie
Email: miss.gardiner@gmail.com

Message: Hey Simon and Joff!

So amazing to see you again and support you at the junction! You are AMAZING!

have fun

Annie xxx

Date: Tue 07/28/09 10:56AM
From: Wes White
Email: dotdashdash.dashdash@Gmail.com

Message: Hello lads, it's Wes from Glastonbury Library. Could one of you drop me an email on the address given above? Don't worry, your books aren't late or anything...

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