Date: Mon 05/18/09 9:02AM
From: james
Email: jcharlton900@hotmail.com

Message: fairplay festival-will you play?

hello there we played a gig with you guys once in the croft and loved it!

anyway i'm partly organising a 3 day festival in an old school pub in canton cardiff and would love you to play!
the festival is 24th,25th and 26th of july and is in aid of climate change campaign.so there wont be a fee for playing but we could possibly cover your travel,thats if your still based in bristol and i could also put you up if you needed a place to stay.

we ran this festival last year and had a massive response with over 1000 people through the doors over the weekend!
let me know asap if your interested,hope your well,
cheers james

Date: Thu 05/7/09 9:16AM
Email: davidpatrickmyers@hotmail.com

Message: Hey Simon and Joff, it was lovely to meet you both again the other week, but bad that i missed your set, thanks very much for your lovely album, which i am making album of the week on my radio show on Sunday the 9th of May 10 am till 12pm 106.8fm in exeter or live streaming worldwide from www.phonic.fm, i will be playing four tracks from it chaps, sorry garden photo on the way
love Sketchy Dave Myers

Date: Fri 04/24/09 6:10AM
From: Jules
Email: jules@jtonez.plus.com

Message: Hi Guys

Another great show last night!
Dates for my radio show are may 9th, June 13th, July 14th, August 8th and Sept 12th - 8-10.

Let me know when you can come in.

Also if anyone can help come up with a name for the show that would be great so far 'Saturday Night Beaver' is winning the vote. I keen on 'Free Your Mind' but who knows.
Love to all

Date: Thu 04/2/09 2:13PM
From: Sam J Esau
Email: sjparanoia@hotmail.com

Message: Hey Buckys, I did a cover version of one of your songs! Get in touch, I want to give it to you!



Date: Fri 03/13/09 2:00PM
From: Mad Ol' Uncle Ad From Strode
Email: adamwright4by@btinternet.com

Message: Joff!! Simon!! Honestly, after 15-odd years i thought some semblance of a hint of maturity might have crept in, but no. I still have tapes from that time which may yet be used against you! It's all top stuff really. Come and play Bridgy, it's every bit as dull as it is violent - and that's a promise! Have fun :lol:

Date: Thu 03/12/09 11:45AM
From: Matt
Email: rugratmaet@hotmail.com

Message: HEY BUCKY!
You fancy a show at the Louisiana on the 25th of MAY?! It's the teambrick album launch POP SHOW, hopefully with the Naturals in tow....

Whaddya say?

Date: Sun 02/22/09 6:17PM
From: Alice from High Risby
Email: aliceream@gmail.com

Message: Dear BuCkY!

I so loved your set tonight at the Cellar - you were so full of joy and energy! Thank you for playing the one about the bike (I requested it), we all thought it was a hit. I like the way it made me dance; I kind of shaked around a lot. So you are a happy band and you make other people happy listening to it - what a tremendous thing! Well done boys!

Hey, will you listen to us and tell us what you think? We're at www.myspace.com/highrisby. But I don't want to detract from you too much. I really enjoyed the excellent drawings and also I liked the jacket that the guitarist wore. Keep doing what you're doing - you were so great. Whoop chomp chomp! X x Alice ps I'm well excited about listening to the CD - I haven't bought a CD in ages and I'm really glad I treated myself to such a good egg.

Date: Tue 12/9/08 8:10AM
From: Xtina
Email: xtina@xtina.com

Message: I found you from the Kula Shaker Myspace and i ended up on your zany site. Your music is peculiar and rather strange yet strangely turns me on. I've also informed my friends to remove there tops at your next live date.


Date: Mon 11/10/08 12:17PM
From: Adam
Email: bartley.adam@gmail.com

Message: Bucky is indeed Great band ever.

Now that you have a fixer in Norway (me), why don't you email me and we can arrange a tour! I've met an ace norwegian band called Casiokids who you would love. They have a bonkers stage show with giant puppets.

Get in touch. Make a new record.

X Adam

Date: Tue 09/23/08 2:32PM
From: Busty Thompson
Email: odaltrey@lycos.co.uk

Message: Hi Bucky, Do you want to play a show at the Louisiana on October 19th (a Sunday)It'll be Gentlemen's Relish, Freeze Puppy and London band LImn. Any money the venue give us will be split four ways. It'll be a great show. email me at the above address if you can. Thanks, BT

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