This is our (old) CD! Please buy it cos we have lots of boxes taking over our homes!

We hope you will enjoy it but if not, why not use it as a handy mini frisbee or coaster for hot tea. No tapirs feature on this record but don't let that put you off...

You will get a lavishly illustrated full-colour booklet plus compact disc including these hit songs:

 Let's Make Our Baby Pay [watch]
 Handsomestein [watch]
 I Am Dark
 The Beatles
 The Greenbank Swimming Pool Song
 I ♥ the Library
 Horses and Cars
 The Michela Tree
 Teenage Research [download]
 The Greasy One
 King's Lynn
 Dog Calendar
 Mary Party
 Linda Manz
 The Bike That I Ride
 Your Sorry Garden
 The School Board Battles