'Women, Ladies and Girls (Sing the Bucky Songbook)' is finally available to buy in our shop. It has taken six years to put together - not because we are constantly tinkering like Brian Wilson but because we have been busy with lots of other projects and we're just not very good at doing things quickly (apart from playing songs; we're pretty quick at that).

The whole record also relied on input from many different sources. When you play in a band with only one other person it's relatively easy to arrange times and compare diaries but this record contains women, ladies, girls (and a few men) who live in America, Canada, Oxford, Brighton, London, Bristol and even Rochester! It has contributions from young ladies, old ladies and all ages in between. We thought it might end up sounding crazy and messy but it actually sounds like a really good mix-tape of which we just happen to have written all the songs.

We can't help but marvel at the fact it actually exists but it does so order a copy now as there is very limited stock.

All proceeds go to charity www.becauseiamagirl.org

Track list:

  1. Cis Intro
  2. My Boyfriend's Band
  3. 33 Crows
  4. Mary Wilson
  5. O Miranda
  6. Collage/Mosaic
  7. Too Many Sporting Activities
  8. I Am Dark
  9. Here's Why I Like Him
  10. My Neighbour's Music
  11. Mary Campbell Square
  12. Girls In Green
  13. Real Life Teardrops
  14. The Bike That I Ride
  15. I Love The Library
  16. Reasons In The Sky

plus some demos and alternate versions.